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"Tell me where you sit before you tell me where you stand."

Mike Rosen - Denver Talk Radio Legend

Where I Sit & How I Got Here

Where I Sit #1: The Super-Power Principle.

I Have A Superpower.

This is my superpower; I have the ability and freedom to spend the rest of my life, doing what I love and believe. My superpower is preferable over some other well know and often storied superpowers. Such as, the ability to fly; super strength; x-ray vision; and even the gift of near-spontaneous, physical regeneration. 

My superpower is preferable because I can use it every day and I can apply it to every situation and circumstance in my life. To me, the most endearing feature of my superpower is that no one else has my superpower. I’m irreplaceable, incontestable and infinitely valuable as long as I remain true to the immutable super-power principle.

The ISPP (immutable super-power principle)

-Do what I believe and love (DO – BE – LO)

-Believe it, love it, and do it.

-Love what I do and I believe it.

-Love it, do it and believe it. 

The VSPP (variable situational-power principle)

Do something you believe but don’t love.

-Loving something you do but no longer believe. 

-Believing that loving is the same as doing.

-Loving something you believe but can’t do.


You Also Have A Superpower.

Your super-power can be defined exactly like mine, (ISPP) and you also posses the ability and freedom to exercise your super-power, just like I do. But, your super-power will only work for you and through you when you are doing what you love and believe. 

That means you can have it and not use it. It means you don’t have to improve yourself to access it. And it means your super-power will always be available when you are willing to exert the courage necessary to freely use it.

This Super-Power Is Ubiquitous To All Of Us & Unique To Each Of Us  


“Answer me ye, these questions three.”

How are you using your SP?

Can you define a specific SP scenario?

Are you engaged in a (VSPP) situation?


photo by Laurel Beck
Mark with the "Blue Ovation."

Where I Sit #2: Can You Do What God Wants?

The Question That Qualifies Every Other Question.

If we can do what God wants, then our part of life can be meaningful, enjoyable and purposeful. If we can’t do what God wants, then our life is doubtful, unknowable and fateful. 

I believe we can know, and do what God wants from us. I also believe that God needs us in order to accomplish what he wants to do. And to add to the pile, I also believe we have everything we need in order to accomplish what God wants and needs from us.

What Could God Possibly Want And Need From You?

First, Whatever it is that compelled the Deity to put you here at this point in time. There had to be something in it for the Almighty that was both worth the risk of failure and the promise of return. Whatever that is, that is something God wants and needs from you.

There is something you are here to do that God wants and needs.

Second, you are exactly who you are supposed to be and you were precisely designed to accomplished what you are here to do. You were given a super-power so your could bring about that thing your world needs, and your maker wants from you. 

Third, that’s why you are you. (YURU) Understand there is nothing random about your personality, and there nothing rash about your proclivities, the person you are is person you were meant to be. There is something only you can do, that’s YURU

You can do, you can know and you can be all that God wants and needs from you

You are probably interested in how to figure out the specifics of “wanted & needed” The specifics will come when I tell you where I stand. Stay tuned, deal with the “where I sit” parts first.  

Mark in 1978
Mark in 2018

Where I Sit #3: Can You Miss It? (the meaning of your life)

Yes. It Happens All The Time

“could you believe in a love at first sight, I don’t, but it happens all the time.”

How do I know you can miss it; because I missed it. 


Mark & Gibson 135
Mark in Bible College with some friends

How I Got Here

A Brief Chronology Of My Life

  • Born in 1959 in Central California.
  • My parents split up, my dad raised 4 of us through the 60’s & 70’s.
  • I went to church all the time.
  • I started playing guitar and writing songs when I was 16.
  • I left home at 17 on bad terms with my dad.
  • I started college in 1977 – graduated in 1982.
  • I painted houses for the next 17 years.
  • At age 31 I married, and we had 3 children.
  • When I was 40, I finally became a Professional Christian.
  • At 50, I left that job, that lifestyle and that culture.
  • At 52, I started a new career and I found my Prime.
  • At 59, I became the Prime Guy to share Prime with you.

The harder part: getting there - there easier part: working there
Your Part & God's Part are easy, the human or "Other" part is the tough one.

Mark in Zambia 2008
Mark in Bible College with some friends

I Used To Be A Cultural Christian

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