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What Is Prime, And Should I Care?

  1. Why Am I Here?
  2. What Am I Here To Do?
  3. Can I Expect Meaning In My Life?
  4. Is There More For Me?

What is Prime? Should I care?

Prime is a term I use to describe something only you can do. Prime is also the name of the process I developed to help you find what that (thing) is, and where you can do it.

Prime is something only you can do. Prime is how you figure out what it is.

You should care because the meaning and purpose of your life are dependent on doing that “thing.” 

Your Prime will be what you care about the most and can do the best. 


Why Am I Here?

For two very specific reasons.

First, because you are needed here, right now. There is something good you have to bring to your world, that no one else can add or do without you. 

Second, because the One who created everything wants to share something specific with you. You are exactly as you should be. You have access to everything you need. No upgrade or changes are required or even available. 

You are here to be irreplaceable and irrepressible.

What Am I Here To Do?

You are here to do what you want to do the most; what you are able to do the best; and what you can enjoy completely. The thing you are here to do is ready and waiting for you, and that won’t and will not change.

Your world needs the best you have to offer. You can’t offer that while doing something less than your best.

You are not here to spend any more of your life doing what you don’t like, or what you feel obligated to do for someone else. If you are currently involved in a unwanted obligation, or engaged in an unfulfilling occupation, don’t despair:

What you are here to do is still there, and you can find it, follow it and fulfill it in the time you have left in life.

Prime is designed to help you find where and what “there” is.  

Can I Expect Meaning In My Life?

Yes, you’d better expect to live a life of meaning, but only if you are not willing to accept a life that is less-than-meaningful to you.

The key to a meaningful life is pursuing and doing what you love and believe.

You must define and decide on what you expect from life, then you will have a solid place to begin experiencing the life you want.

Love is the substance of meaning, and the active ingredient of all that is meaningful.

Doing what you believe and love is the solid evidence you need in order to meet and exceed your personal expectation and definition of meaning.

Doing what you love and believe is the bottom line of Prime.    

Is There More For Me I Should Know About?

Yes there is some much you need to know about. But more depends on how you answer this question; do you believe there is more for you than you currently have?

If you believe there’s more, there’s more.

If you don’t believe there’s more, go with what you’ve got.

More is for those who think; for those who dream; for those who risk valuable things. More is the reward awaiting those who can’t abide the thought of settling for less, and calling that more.

More is driven by what you believe about yourself, and delivered by what you require from the one who made you. 

More is a practical partnership between you and the right people, and a mystical agreement between you and the almighty.

Your Prime is powered by the gravitational pull of more.


That’s about 10 minutes worth. If my responses, statements and perspective resonate with you. And if you are willing to continue, welcome to your very own version of the Prime Pursuit.

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