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What Is Prime?

How to figure out what you're here to do - at any time in your life. Are you ready for that?

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All About Mark

What I have to say about myself, and what my friends say about me

The Chair

Prime is how things operate at the God-level. "The Chair" is where I present the elements of the Prime-operating system.

Mark's Writings

The Prime Blog; The Motivotional; The Prime Minister; & other surprises

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Marks Photos

Photos taken with my phone wherever the light and mood were right

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Time-Lapse Video

Sunset - Sunrise - Exotic locale, duration-enhanced videos

Drive Time Prime-cast

We produce this stuff - So you can watch & listen at your leisure

Mark's Music

My more than 3 decade long attempt at capturing the song in my heart

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Who & Where They Are

Where I plug and link my friends, colleagues, and other content I dig

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