The Prime Guy

Craig on Mark

Mark Schmidt is an Honest soul, a Seeker and a Thinker. His is a Coffee shop sage, storyteller and conversationalist. Mark Believes in you even though you do not know him. His is just cocky enough to think he knows you and what you are chasing after in life.

A Roman Governor in ancient Palestine once asked a question with a dismissive tone, “what is Truth?” Truth as it turns out was standing right in front of him, humble, bleeding, determined, Truth. Mark knows this truth and has spent his life creating ways to  share it with you.

Music, coffee shop conversations, services and seminars. Everyday he humbly struggles, bleeds on the written page and maintains a fierce determination to share with fellow truth chasers something he calls PRIME.

What is PRIME? Is is quite simply a tool for you to discover what Mark has found in years of chasing truth. YOur gifts your passions your dreams are no cosmic accident rather they are the intentions of God. Find them, live into them and you will be in PRIME territory.

Life may not get easier, but you will know truth, the humble, bleeding and determined truth! The who made you invites you to find PRIME. Mark offers the road map, this is his PRIME.

The Rev. Dr. C.J. Wright. My Bestest Good Friend.

Laurel on Mark

Mark is not only my friend, he’s my older brother. His mind works like none other I know of. Always thinking outside the box to bring insightful thoughts to the norm. I’d say he’s one unique individual with a capacity to challenge others to a greater level.

Laurel Beck.  My kid sister


Cindy on Mark

Mark Schmidt is a father, husband, musician, philosopher, businessman and developer of PRIME. 

He brings his understanding of God and spirituality to the realization that we all need PRIME. This need is based on his convictions that the world needs each of us to do what only we can do. 

Mark is funny, irreverent and witty. Getting to know him is reminiscent of eating an artichoke, with many layers on the outside and large heart within.

Cindy Sloan Butts

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