The Prime Guy

Welcome To Mark's Music

The following is a collection of my recorded music. Some old, some newer, all of it original, all of it is the fruit of collaboration with my amazing friends.

Meet The Street Band

Here are the people who contributed to the Street recordings. As I find photos, I’ll put them up.  

Chris Stewart
Mark Schmidt
David Jones
Fred "Jaco" Von Eichel
Juan Campa
Rev. Dr. Craig J. Wright
Rob "The Sevant" Baker
Brian "The Lad" Skinner
Bruce the Drummer
  • The Street (Original 8 Track)

We recorded this one night in the summer of 1985, on a Tascam 8 track. Fred Eichel engineered and mastered. Juan Campa and I produced the project. I wrote the music & Lyrics.

  • Craig Wright; Vocals
  • David Jones; Guitar & Vocals
  • Rob Baker: Keyboards, Piano, Bass
  • Chris Stewart: Drums, hand claps-comments
  • Mark Schmidt: Guitars & Vocals

The Street 24 Track Version

We gave it another try about a year later. This time we did it on a 24 track Studer Machine. We didn’t finish or master the entire project. These tracks are from a rough mix of those sessions. All the guys except Chris played on this one. We added Brian on Bass, and Bruce on drums.

  • Brian “The Lad” Skinner; Bass
  • Bruce the drummer

Hope Springs Eternal
An Album from the mid-90's

I wrote, performed and recorded all these songs on an early hard drive 8 track recorder. The drums are an Alesis HR-16. The keys are a Roland module, and a Roland W-30 sampling workstation. I sang through a PL-20 into a little tube pre-amp and into the digital recorder at line-level.

The guitars were my Strat played though a Boss pedal. My Martin D-18 and the old Blue Ovation.

Like A Summer Rain (my 1st song. I wrote it W / Phil Meredith

A Live Track That Was On The CD

Boomer-X Live at Common Grounds Coffee Shop, Modesto, CA 8-8-1997

In August of 1997 I persuaded a few friends to do a coffee shop gig featuring some of my tunes. We didn’t get much of a chance to rehearse, but then again, anyone can practice, not everyone can play. This is the official “Boomer-X Bootleg.”

  • Sam Cafforo; Bass
  • Lucky Lew; Drums
  • Monty Stewart; “Yazz” Flute, Piccolo, Sax 
  • Craig Wright; Vocals
  • Mark Schmidt; Guitar, Vocals

SELAH Craig Wright & Mark Schmidt 3-17-1992

Craig and I have been best friends since college (78-82 for me) After that we continued to sing together. This recording is from one of our practice sessions I taped. 

I wrote the songs, built the tracks and sequences and played the guitar stuff. 

We both sing, Craig also played the harp on a few tracks.